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To-Do Lists and Plans

To-Dos and reminders make it easy to follow up with customers.
To-Do lists are simple single actions added directly in the contact card.
To-Do Plans are a set of To-Dos that can be scheduled over time.

To-Do List

  • Navigate to The Contact Card
    • Select the Contact link in the navigation bar or...
    • Select a letter on the left to filter by last name.
    • Choose the contact the to which the to-do list will be added.
    • Select the To Do tab.
    • Select Add To-Do button to add a single item.
    • See tutorial below for Add To-Do Plan.
  • Add the appropriate information
    • Set the date.
    • Set priority.
    • Details.
    • Categorize the To-Do.
      • No category.
      • Email.
      • Letter.
      • Phone call.
    • Save
  • Review the list
    Review the To-Do in the list.

To-Do Plans

This is a convenient reminder tool that can be designed to fit a follow-up process.

  • Schedule a series of To-Do's to automatically be added to a contact card.
  • Once a To-Do Plan has been created, it can easily be added to any contact.
  • Steps can be scheduled out for days, weeks, months, and years.
  • Navigate to To-Do Plans
    • Select the Gear Icon located in top navigation bar.
    • Select To-Do list in left column.

    • Select an existing To-Do Plan to edit or...
    • Copy an existing To-Do Plan or...
    • Select New To-Do Plan button.
  • Add steps
    Select the Add a Step button.
  • Fill out the necessary information.
    • Schedule the step.
    • Add a category if appropriate
      • Email
      • Letter
      • Phone Call
    • Save
  • Save To-Do Plan and Review