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Intelligent Links

This is a very handy tool for your email campaigns. When your recipient clicks links in your email, it can trigger Action Sets .
  • Track which and when a link was clicked in a sent email.
  • Track who clicked on the link.
  • Can automatically update the recipients contact card.
  • Start a set of Actions.
  • Send you a notification.

Create Intelligent Links

You can add multiple Intelligent links with different Action Sets  in an email.
  • Select the email template into which you'll be adding Intelligent Links.
    • In the Content Designer, add your links if they do not exist yet.
    • Save and press the Done Editing button
  • Select the Intelligent Link button
  • Select the Add Intelligent Link button.
    • Choose the link from drop down menu to which the Action Set will be applied.
    • Choose the Action Set you want to trigger when that link is selected by recipient.
    • Save the Intelligent Link.
    • And Save or Apply the Email Template
    • You can add multiple Intelligent Links with different Action Sets in an email.