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Flags are assigned to help track details about customers such as the year they contacted a company, where they were met, groups with whom they are connected, etc.  Create as many as needed.

They are used in conjunction with Landing Pages, Actions Sets, Autoresponders, Birthday Assistant, and ClientTouch.

Create and Assign Flags

  • Navigate to Flags
    • From anywhere in the CRM, select the Settings Gear Icon in top navigation bar.
    • Select Flags from left column.
    • Select Add Flag button
  • Create Flags
    • Name the flag.
    • Add a color.
    • Add an icon.
  • Add Manually Contact Card
    Select Flags from the column on the right within a contact's card.
  • Assign to Action Sets
    Select Add Step to insert a Flag. Flags can be added and changed within an Action Set.
  • Assign to Autoresponder
    • Choose an Autoresponder.
    • Select Completion Assistant.
    • Assign flag(s).
  • Assign to Landing Pages
    • Choose a Landing Page
    • Select Actions Tab.
    • Assign flag(s).