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Custom Fields

Custom fields capture information that best suits your needs.  When someone fills out and submits a landing page form, the custom fields inserted into the form will be added to that person's contact card.
  • Add Fields to CRM
    • From anywhere in the CRM, select the Settings Gear Icon in top navigation bar.
    • Select Custom Fields.
    • Add the fields you will need.
    • Save.
  • Add Fields To Landing Page
    • Select the Settings Gear Icon in top navigation bar.
    • Select Landing Pages and choose which page to be edited.
    • In the Landing Page Designer select the Form tab.
    • Choose the custom fields for the landing page.
    • Choose if the field is required or optional.
    • Save.
  • Preview Landing Page
    • Go to Preview tab in the Landing Page Designer.
    • Either scroll down in Preview to review changes or preview in live landing page by clicking the preview icon .
  • Preview Contact Card
    Once a landing page has been filled out you can see the custom fields that were added to the contact card.