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CRM Layout

Basic overview of the CRM layout

    1. Main Navigation of the CRM
    2. Easily switch to Contacts from almost anywhere in the CRM
    3. Action Center - quickly navigate to many areas of the site
    4. Settings - this will show a variety of other functions including:
      • Account settings
      • Initial set up of Mail Settings
      • Import/Export Data
  • Hover over item for explanation
    {tip title="Account Setup" content="These are basic setting for your account such as time zone, currency symbol and date format. This is where you can change your account password."}Account Setup{/tip}

    {tip title="Mail Merge Profile" content="Set up your Mail Merge Profile. This ensures that your company information is added automatically to each email you send, whether individually or mass."}Mail Merge Profile{/tip}
    {tip content="Import Data, the contacts"}Manage Contacts{/tip}
    {tip content="Categories organize contacts into groups such as Prospect, Client, Family, Sphere of Influence, etc. Categories can be integrated into Action Sets, Landing Pages and Autoresponders."}Categories{/tip}
    {tip content="Custom Fields capture information that best suits your needs. When someone fills out and submits a landing page form, the custom fields inserted into the form will be added to that person's contact card."}Custom Fields{/tip}
    {tip content="ClientTouch automates tasks to your whole contact list our filtered by Categories, Flags, or Source. A workgroup is the selected contacts you want to perform a task toward."}Client Touch{/tip}
    {tip content="Flags are assigned to help track details about customers such as the year they contacted a company, where they were met, groups with whom they are connected, etc. Create as many as needed. They are used in conjunction with Landing Pages, Actions Sets, Autoresponders, Birthday Assistant, and ClientTouch."}Flags{/tip}
    {tip title="Sources" content="Sources are used to track where a contact came from such as networking event, website, Facebook, etc. Sources can be added in a contact card or in an Action Set."}Sources{/tip}
    {tip title="Landing Pages" content="Landing pages are simple web pages designed to capture contact information:
    Email address
    Telephone number
    Other details
    When the form is filled out, it automatically adds the person to the database of contacts. The system can then trigger other events such as email notifications, autoresponders, and actions sets."}Landing Pages{/tip}

    {tip title="Email Templates" content="Create custom email templates for different campaigns."}Add/Edit{/tip}
    {tip title="Intelligent Links" content="This is a very handy tool for your email campaigns. When your recipient clicks links in your email, it can trigger Action Sets to automate tasks."}Intelligent Links{/tip}

    {tip content="Strategic Success Tools CRM is an online office. Letters can be created here. Branding and company merge fields are automatically added. Other merge fields can be added such as First and Last Name."}Letter Templates{/tip}
    {tip title="Action Sets" content="Trigger tasks into one simple sequence.
    Add Action to Contact
    Add Action to Autoresponder
    Add Action to Landing Page"}Action Sets{/tip}
    {tip title="Auto Responders" content="Autoresponders can automatically send out an email when someone signs up on a landing page. They can send out a sequence of emails to any segment of or the whole a contact list over a scheduled period of time. Other actions can be triggered after an Autoresponder ends allowing for a continual \"touch\" with the contact."}Auto Responders{/tip}
    {tip title="To-Dos" content="To-Dos and reminders make it easy to follow up with customers. To-Do lists are simple single actions added directly in the contact card. To-Do Plans are a set of To-Dos that can be scheduled over time."}To-Dos{/tip}
    {tip title="Birthday Assistant" content="Automate your birthday reminders."}Birthday Assistant{/tip}
    {tip title="Agenda Assistant" content="An automated administrative assistant—Agenda Assistant will send To-Do's, Appointments, Birthdays and Special Event reminders to a specified email address."}Agenda Assistant{/tip}

    {tip title="Deals" content="Deals work as a project manager. Follow the progress of a project in Stages. Add Actions sets to Stages of a Deal to automate tasks. Create reports about Deals."}Deals{/tip}