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  • Autoresponders let you automatically send out an email when someone signs up on a landing page.
  • They can send out a sequence of emails to any segment of or the whole a contact list over a scheduled period of time.
  • Other actions can be triggered after an Autoresponder ends allowing for a continual "touch" with the contact.

Create Autoresponders

  • Prepare in advance of building autoresponder:
    • The company Mailing Merge Profile
    • A name for the autoresponder.
    • At least one Email Template. 
    • Multiple email templates can be added to additional steps in an autoresponder.  Prepare these in advance.

    Other Options After Autoresponder Is Completed
    These can be added while building the Autoresponder.  These are triggered after the Autoresponder has completed. Prepare in advance any of these tools:

    • Another Autoresponder.
    • An Action Set.
    • A To-do Plan.
    • A Category.
    • Flags.
  • The Dashboard
    • Select Autoresponders in the Action Center on the Home page of SST or in settings Gear Icon located in top navigation bar.
    • Shown will be other existing autoresponders and contacts who have had completed autoresponders.
    • Select Samples button to edit an Autoresponder or Add Autoresponder button to create a new one from scratch.

    In the autoresponder dashboard note:
    • Completed Contacts - the number of contacts that an autoresponder completed its process.
    • The Funnel Blueprint.
    • Make a copy of an autoresponder.
    • Delete and autoresponder.
  • Add a step
    Select the Add a Step button.
  • Name Step
    Give your step a name.
  • Step Details
    Schedule and choose email template for this step.
  • Add Another Step & Completion Assistant
    • Add another step (email template) in the autoresponder.
    • Repeat for the number of steps necessary in the autoresponder.

    Stop Campaign

    • Stopping the campaign will remove the campaign from all contacts and cannot be resumed for those contacts.

    Completion Assistant

    Once the Autoresponder has completed other options can be triggered.

    • Assign another autoresponder.
    • Assign an Action Step.
    • Assign a To-Do Plan.
    • Assign a category.
    • Add a Note to the contact's card.
    • Send a notification.
    • Assign a flag.


Implement an Autoresponder from a Landing Page

  • On the Home page of the CRM
    1. Select Landing Pages button
    2. or from anywhere else, the Gear Icon located in top navigation bar
    3. Choose the Landing Page that you would like to use for this autoresponder
    1. Select the Actions tab
    2. Select Assign Autoresponder
    1. Choose which autoresponder you would like to use.
    2. Select Apply Changes button