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Email Templates

Be sure to fill out your Mailing Merge Profile prior to setting up a email template and sending emails.
  • In the CRM Action Center select the Email Templates button or the gear icon from anywhere in the CRM.
    • Create a new email template or...
    • Select an existing template to edit or...
    • Make a copy of an existing template, rename it and add to the appropriate folder.
      • Naming of multiple email steps for Autoresponder campaign - add the step number or time period when it will be sent for easy reference e.g. 1 The First Email Name, 2 The Second Email Name, etc. or Day 1 Email Name, Day 30 Email Name, etc.
    • Choose Template to Edit or...
    • Find template in a folder.
  • Select Edit with Content Designer button to begin. See next steps in this tutorial below. 

Edit Email With Content Designer

  • Video Overview
  • Note the three tabs on the right of Content Designer:
    Content | Rows | Settings

    Content Tab

    • Functions
      • Adding content blocks such as Image, Video, Text, etc.
      • Updating image
      • Changing font color and padding.
    • Select an area to edit. A blue line will highlight that area to edit.
  • Rows Tab - Watch Video Below

    • Create different column layouts for each row.
      • Full width
      • 1/2 and 1/2
      • 1/3 and 2/3
      • 1/4 and 3/4
    • Drag and drop a row layout to a place in your email.
    • Select content tab.
    • Drag what type of content you want to add e.g. text, image, video, etc. into the box.
  • Settings Tab

    • Global settings for:
    • Width of email
    • Global styling such as background color of whole email
    • Background of the content area of the email
    • Font color
    • Link color
  • Preview your email
    • Make sure to Save Changes.
    • Select Done Editing button when finished.
  • After saving, the email landing page returns. From here: