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Action Sets

Trigger tasks into one simple sequence.
Action Sets are powerful.  Create a sequence of events that automate tasks (see examples below).

They can be sent out immediately or spaced out over time.


Assign Action Set to populate a contact card with information: Flags, Source, Category, etc.

Landing page

Assign Actions, Autoresponders and To Do List in a Landing Page. When a visitor fills out the form, that information can populate a contact card, trigger autoresponders, add flags, etc.


Assign an Action Set to an autoresponder after it has ended.  This is good for client relations, a simple reminder, another set of Actions, etc.

Create Action Sets

  • Prepare in advance of building Action Sets
    Have a plan for the action set. Prepare the tools needed in the action set.
    • Flags
    • Source, Category & Category 2
    • Autoresponder(s)
    • To-Dos
    • Email(s)
    • Custom fields
  • Navigate to Action Sets
    • Select Action Sets in the Action Center on the Home page of SST or in settings Gear Icon located in top navigation bar.
    • Create new by selecting the Add Action Set button or...
    • Copy, rename and edit an existing Action Set by selecting the icon.
      • Add the set to the appropriate folder by selecting the folder icon and moving if necessary.
      • Open it, rename and edit.
  • Name the new Action Set
  • Assign Actions
    • Create your step-by-step flow of the Action Set.
    • Flow Control
      • Actions Sets can be paused for a period of time.
      • Actions Sets can be stopped and started when certain conditions are met.
  • Review and edit action set
    This sample shows how an Action Set would look like. Actions steps can be reordered, edited and deleted. 
    •   Reorder step - grab this icon and move.
    •   Edit step - click and edit.
    • Delete step - select and delete.

Apply Action Set to Contact

  • From the contact dashboard
    • Select a Contact.
    • Select the Dropdown menu labeled Actions.
  • Choose Action
    Select an Action Set to be applied.
  • When should it be triggered
    • Choose Start Date.
      Make sure the correct Action Set is selected.
    • Click Apply.
  • Review & Follow
    Review the Contact card to which the Action Set was applied.
    • The Contact Card shows the Flags that were added.
    • The progress of the Action Set.

Apply Action Set to Autoresponder

Use this function after an Action Set has ended.
    • Create or Open an existing Autoresponder.
    • Select the Completion Assistance link.
    • Select the Action Set to apply.
    • Apply any other options.
    • Save.

Apply Action Set to Landing Page

    • Select Landing Pages in the Action Center on the Home page of SST or in settings Gear Icon located in top navigation bar.
    • Choose the landing page to edit.
    • Navigate to the Actions tab.
    • Add Action Set located in the More Actions area.