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Providing Strategic Success Tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Online Management

Innovation and

Customer Relations

With lots of features
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an Online System to Organize your Contacts, Office, Contracts and Notes. No need to return to the office to find a number or contract. Also, send group emails and print using mail merge. Why type an email more than once? Set an Autoresponder.

Lead Generation

We all need leads.
Utilizing your CRM, Generate New Business with Landing Pages, Send Monthly Newsletters (Editable by you) Stay in Touch with Emails using an AutoResponder System, Generate Repeat Traffic with offerings, Set up To Do reminders - to keep on track, and don’t forget a Birthday again!
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Designed for:

  • Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Multi Level Marketers
  • Small Business Owners, Shops, Restaurants, Service Providers
  • Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Event Planners, Property Managers
  • Coaches, Authors, Speakers
  • You

Access your online office anywhere

Where there is Internet, you can access your office, find your contacts, send out emails, manage projects, see your To Do list, create landing pages, manage your reputation, make a call, keep track of your clients.

Keep control of your own data

It's important that you have control of your data.  Data is your treasure.  Don't hand it over to someone else.  You worked hard to get it, so keep it.


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